Cutting & Styling

Expert Cutting & Styling every time........

We believe it’s all in the cut that matters!
A great cut should hold its shape, whether it’s long, short or medium hair.

All stylists are fully trained and continually update their skills and knowledge in hairdressing by constant training and attending Wella specialist courses.


This ensures precision cutting, styling, etc. along with quality hair care, personally tailored for your hairs individual needs.

When you have your hair cut, please remember not to cross your legs, as this throws your whole body out of alignment, thus your head will not be straight and may cause the cut to be out of balance!

If you can wear a top with no collar, as this gets in the way when perfecting the cut on the back of your neck!

Colour & Movement

Colour you can trust............

A 48 hour mandatory complimentary skin test for all New Clients!!! This saves disappointment and this is to protect “YOU” the client, from any allergies or adverse reactions! This can happen if you have had a recent Tattoo, medication, or in general your body just decides to change.

We offer a Wella colouring service from fashion colour, to traditional work, to enhance your look.

Foiling is great, you can have a single foil adding a little colour to your hair or a complete full head of foils with different selection of colours if you wish, this is depending on your requirements.

We will look at all the best possible colours for you and find the best possible ones for your hair type. We may also take a strand test to see if you like the colour first before going ahead with your colour choice. We take a piece of your hair, and colour it in the shade required, this ensures you will be happy with the colour.

Colouring is down to experience and expertise as no two heads of hair are the same. We will do our best to get the shades you require; this could take a couple of appointments depending on the challenges ahead and work with you.

Price Card – 1st January 2018

Price Card | January 2015

We will offer you a complimentary skin test 48 hours before having a colour service for the first time.

This is mandatory for all, who have not had a colour done before. This will save time and any disappointment. Please ring us or just pop in to discuss this.

We also offer you a complimentary consultation to either re-design a new look when you feel fed up, or to freshen up your old colour even if you want a natural look, to a wow factor look!

 Jess Holly  Mel
LADIES CUT & BLOWDRY £43.50  £30.00 £23.00
WET CUT £33.50 £28.00 £19.00
RESTYLE LONG / THICK £48.50 £33.00 £26.00
FRINGE £8.00 £8.00 £8.00
GENTS CUT & FINISH £27.99  £21.00
GENTS RESTYLE & FINISH £29.00 £25.00
GENTS BEARD TRIM £2.00 £2.00
BLOWDRY OR SET SHORT £25.99 £21.00 £16.00
BLOWDRY OR SET LONG / THICK £29.50 £26.00 £18.00
QUALITY PERM £103.50 £103.50
(FOILS) Cut Included
FULL HEAD FOILS £120.00  £103.50 £75.00
T. SECTION £102.00 £93.00 £63.00
INDIVIDUAL FOILS £3.00 £3.00 £3.00
(TINTS) Cut Included 
ROOTS £85.50 £77.50 £60.00
FULL HEAD COLOUR £106.50  £94.00 £73.00
CAP COLOUR £89.50  £80.50 £60.00
SEMI £78.50 £72.50 £52.00
PASTEL tone blend £68.50 £68.00 £49.50
Colour Correction Price On Consultation