Colour & Movement

Colour you can trust............

A 48 hour mandatory complimentary skin test for all New Clients!!! This saves disappointment and this is to protect “YOU” the client, from any allergies or adverse reactions! This can happen if you have had a recent Tattoo, medication, or in general your body just decides to change.

We offer a Wella colouring service from fashion colour, to traditional work, to enhance your look.

We will look at all the best possible colours for you and find the best possible ones for your hair type. We may also take a strand test to see if you like the colour first before going ahead with your colour choice. We take a piece of your hair, and colour it in the shade required, this ensures you will be happy with the colour.

Colouring is down to experience and expertise as no two heads of hair are the same. We will do our best to get the shades you require; this could take a couple of appointments depending on the challenges ahead and work with you.